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[ST] Water Polo Floating Field Lines | Fixed Goals @150mm Disc – 25m/ 33m/ 50m Pools

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Water Polo floating field lane ropes (lines) for fixed water polo goals @150mm disc size (Jumbo). Options available for 25m/ 33m/ 50m pool size. Floating field lines designed with colour configurations as per standard specifications for water polo matches.

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Weight488-749.25 kg
Dimensions200-225 × 122-150 × 100-111 cm
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#Qty Per Order

1x Set

Aqua Product Options

W/P Court: 25m Pool/ [2x 25m]+[4x 8 to 11m] Lane Ropes, W/P Court: 33m Pool/ [2x 33m]+[4x 8 to 11m] Lane Ropes, W/P Court: 50m Pool/ [2x 50m]+[4x 8 to 11m] Lane Ropes, W/P Court: Other Dimensions (Quote On Request)




As Per Standard Colours/ Design, Custom Colour (As per Design Details)


Water Polo Court Line/ Lane Markers: Demarcates the water polo playing area and ensure players stay within the standard court size ~

  • Suitable for Goal Type: Fixed goals only
  • Disc Size (Jumbo): 150mm (Diameter) x 75mm (Width) –  There are +-13x Discs per meter length
  • Complete units, ready for self-installation
  • Included (Per Complete Unit): All anti-turbulent discs, colour coded to indicate distance; Stainless steel high tension cable; Stainless steel ratchet; Floats and “S” hook on one end
  • Standard Colours: Blue, green, red, white, yellow – *As per standard design
  • Other Colours: Available on request – *May have a longer lead time for custom colour manufacture
  • Colour Specifications & Quantities: Either order each colour as individual line items in you cart & as per colour qualities required; Or indicate colour by quantity in the ‘Design Details/ Comments’ section, on ordering

*Available for:

  • For 25m Pool: 2x 25m and 4x 8-to-11m lanes
  • For 33m Pool: 2x 33m and 4x 8-to-11m lanes
  • For 50m Pool: 2x 50m and 4x 8-to-11m lanes

Waterpolo Lanes (Ropes) offer the creation of swimming pool lanes for water polo courts. These lanes serve as guidelines to all swimmers (players) participating in a water polo practice session or match. There are several options available with regards to the type and configuration of court lane ropes available – On processing online quotations or orders, please ensure you select the correct product, length specifications and configurations, as per your particular requirements.

Features + Benefits: Clearly defines water polo court layout for training or matches.

Materials: Durable plastic discs (*Jumbo @150mm disc diameter) with stainless steel cable, eyelets and ratchets. Discs are normally blue, red and white, as standard – Other colours may be available on request.

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