Stainless Steel (S/S) Ratchets for Lane Tension


Product Summary

Stainless Steel (S/S) Ratchets for tension on lanes: Ratchet-up your lane ropes to the correct tension. Two options provided, as below – (i) A more light-weight option for quick & easy lane rope tension; Or (ii) A  more robust & durable ratchet option.

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Stainless Steel (S/S) Ratchets – Two Options:

  • Option #1: Stainless Steel (S/S) Ratchet – *Ratchet only
    • Smaller, light weight unit normally used for 25m lane ropes
    • Quick & easy tension on lanes
    • Can also be used on 50m lane ropes, if budget is a concern
  • Option #2: Stainless Steel (S/S) Ratchet set with webbing
    • More robust option, often used on 50m lane ropes
    • Can also be used as a more durable option for 25m lane rope tension

Stainless Steel Ratchets for tension on lanes: Ratchet-up your lane ropes to the correct tension.

Racing Lanes (Ropes) offer the creation of swimming pool lanes in order to accommodate for an organized/ structured and fair contested race. These lanes serve as guidelines to all swimmers participating in an event and help to ensure little or no interference of another swimmer during a race. There are several options available with regards to the type and configuration of racing lane ropes available – On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product specifications, as per your particular requirements.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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Product/ Service Type

Stock Held Item (SHI) > *See Customer Service Page for More Details

Aqua Product Options

S/S Ratchet (Only), S/S Ratchet with Webbing


#Qty Per Order

1x Set



As Per Standard Colours/ Design

Dispatch/ Outlet Information

  • Factory/ Outlet Name: RSA-JHB-[SWT]
  • Warehouse/ Factory Outlet ID | Click Link >> RSA-JHB-[SWT]
  • Address: Johannesburg
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