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Grip Football / Soccer Magnetic Tactic Board With Accessories | Small – 30cm x 45cm

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This Magnetic Tactic Board, is the perfect tool for coaches and players looking to improve their game strategies. Measuring 30cm x 45cm, this board provides a compact and portable surface area for drawing up plays and strategies. The board is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. With its magnetic surface, it is easy to move and rearrange your pieces, making it a great option for coaches who need to quickly adjust their strategies. The board comes with a set of magnets and a marker, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to draw up your plays. Whether you’re a coach or a player, the Magnetic Tactic Board is an essential tool for improving your game.

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A Magnetic Tactic Board is a tool used by coaches in various sports to illustrate and plan team strategies and tactics. Here are some common features of a small 30cm x 45cm Magnetic Tactic Board:

  • Size: The board typically measures 30cm x 45cm, providing a small surface area for coaches to draw and write
  • Lightweight Design: The board is usually lightweight and easy to transport, making it convenient for use on the field or in the locker room
  • Magnetic Surface: The board has a magnetic surface that allows for the use of magnetic pieces to represent players, balls, and other objects
  • Durable Material: The board is made of high-quality materials like PVC or plastic, which are durable and can withstand regular use
  • Erasable Surface: The surface of the board is usually designed to be easily erasable, allowing coaches to quickly change and modify strategies during the game or practice
  • Colour-Coded Markings: Some models of the Magnetic Tactic Board may have color-coded markings to indicate different players, positions, or game scenarios
  • Pen Holder: The board may have a pen holder to keep markers and erasers organized and easily accessible

Overall, the Magnetic Tactic Board is a useful tool for coaches to communicate and plan game strategies and tactics to their team in a clear and visual way. Its small size makes it convenient to carry around, and its magnetic surface allows for easy rearrangement of magnetic pieces during practice or games.


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