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CSW Portable Pop-Up / Fold-Up Football / Soccer Goal + Net [Single Unit]

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Short Description:

Portable Pop-up/ Fold-Up Football/ Soccer Goal with net – Easy to setup. Includes all required accessories for quick installation. Suitable for Junior/ Youth/ Senior players. Ideal for 5-Aside, beach or garden (yard) soccer goal posts.

Size Options:

  1. Large: 3.60m x 1.8m/ 360 x 180cm (W x H)
  2. Small: 2.40 x 1.5m/ 240 x 150cm (W x H)

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Additional information

Weight46-56.00 kg
Dimensions175-200 × 30-35 × 30-35 cm
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#Qty Per Order

1x Unit [Min]

Product Options

Standard Net

Product Size

Large: 3.60m x 1.8m (W x H), Small: 2.40 x 1.5m (W x H)




As Per Availability, Black, White, Yellow


Pop-Up/ Fold-Up Football/ Soccer Goal Post (Portable/ Movable):

  • Sold as as single side (1x unit)
  • Size Options:
    1. Large: 3.60m x 1.8m/ 360 x 180cm (W x H)
    2. Small: 2.40 x 1.5m/ 240 x 150cm (W x H)
  • Standard Net: Standard goal nets have a finer mesh/ weave
  • Sold with Net
  • Portable football/ soccer goal post – Includes: Framework/ Uprights; Cross bar; Back & Side Supports
  • Flat packed for cost effective & easy transport
  • Easy to setup – Includes all required accessories for quick installation
  • Ideal for 5-Aside, beach or garden (yard) soccer goal posts

Football/ Soccer (PVC or Steel Poles) are for the primary framework for the goalmouth and provides the structure to attach the back net. These goal posts are normally manufactured from PVC or steel (Portable) or steel (Fixed), but may come in alternative forms – See all product details on ordering. Football/ soccer is one of the most cost effective sports to play and the goal posts often make-up the biggest expense on many a football/ soccer field. This goes to show with the popularity of football/ soccer world wide, which is being played extensively in both first world and third world countries alike. Football/ soccer goal posts are usually ordered along with the goal nets – Add these products to your shopping cart accordingly. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and specifications as per your particular requirements.


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