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Mitzuma Limit Low Cut (Top) Football / Soccer Boots | Junior/ Youth/ Senior Sizing

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Price: @Retail Pricing – Discounted pricing may be available on Bulk Orders or for Resale.

Short Description:

Low Cut (Top) Football/ Soccer Boot – Premium embossed upper with unique SA branding. Exoframe sole, pinned with extra durability & cushioned support. Pre-Packaged Options in specific size ratios for best value; Or Free-Sizing Packs of 12x pairs+ @Discounted Pricing. Individual Pairs can be purchased at standard retail pricing.

NB: See Full Description below for further details & sizing.

Additional information

Weight3-15.00 kg
Dimensions40-50 × 25-40 × 15-30 cm
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#Qty Per Order

Individual Pair, Pre-Packed: 12x Pairs (Set: Larger Sizes), Pre-Packed: 15x Pairs (Set: Smaller Sizes)

Shoe Size

Pre-Packed B-Ratio (UK): 3x SZ6; 3x SZ7; 3x SZ8; 2x SZ9; 1x SZ10 (Total: 12x Pairs), Pre-Packed C-Ratio (UK): 1x SZ13; 1x SZ1; 2x SZ2; 3x SZ3; 4x SZ4; 4x SZ5 (Total: 15x Pairs), Multiple Individual Pairs (Specify QTY/ Sizing in Comments), Kids: UK 13/ EU 32/ US 13.5/ ~19.2cm, Adult: UK 1/ EU 33/ US 3 (W)/ US 1.5 (M)/ ~20cm, Adult: UK 2/ EU 34/ US 4 (W)/ US 2.5 (M)/ ~21cm, Adult: UK 3/ EU 35/ US 5 (W)/ US 3.5 (M)/ ~22cm, Adult: UK 4/ EU 36.5 / US 6 (W)/ US 4.5 (M)/ ~23cm, Adult: UK 5/ EU 37.5/ US 7 (W)/ US 5.5 (M)/ ~24cm, Adult: UK 6/ EU 39/ US 8 (W)/ US 6.5 (M)/ ~25cm, Adult: UK 7/ EU 40/ US 9 (W)/ US 7.5 (M)/ ~26cm, Adult: UK 8/ EU 41.5/ US 10 (W)/ US 8.5 (M)/ ~27cm, Adult: UK 9/ EU 42.5/ US 11 (W)/ US 9.5 (M)/ ~28cm, Adult: UK 10/ EU 44/ US 12 (W)/ US 10.5 (M)/ ~29cm, Adult: UK 11/ EU 45.5/ US 13 (W)/ US 11.5 (M)/ ~30cm



Colour Combinations

Grey/ Silver/ Neon Orange


  • Boot Model/ Type: Low Cut (Top)
  • Purchasing Options:
    • Pre-packaged options in specific size ratios for best value
    • Free-sizing packs of 12x pairs (or more) @Discounted Pricing
    • Individual pairs can be purchased at standard retail pricing
  • Age Group: Junior/ Youth/ Senior Options
  • Sizing (UK): Kids 13/ Adults 1 to 10 (As Standard) – *UK11 Available for Individual Pair Purchase (Only)
    • Pre-Packed B-Ratio (UK Larger Sizes): 3x SZ6; 3x SZ7; 3x SZ8; 2x SZ9; 1x SZ10 (Total: 12x Pairs)
    • Pre-Packed C-Ratio (UK Smaller Sizes): 1x SZ13 (Kids); 1x SZ1; 2x SZ2; 3x SZ3; 4x SZ4; 4x SZ5 (Total: 15x Pairs)
  • Surface: Grass
  • Stud Type: Plastic Round Stud Mould
  • Suitable footwear for practice/ training & amateur matches
  • Ideal for school, club or university teams
  • Other/ Suitable Sporting Codes: Hockey; Rugby; Other
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