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The Multi-Contact Shield is a light-weight breakdown trainer created to improve ball and player clearing techniques during training. This product can be used for a multitude of training techniques such as a high-ball and kick-offs and kick-ins.

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The DC100 allow coaches to do “live” rucking continuously without actually exposing players to “body-on-body” contact. The unique design of the DC100 allows the coach to coach continuity skills before and during the contact.

The placement of the handles allows the DC100 to be turned side-ways before engaging the ball-carrier. It forces the ball-carrier make an instinctive decision and use his feet before engaging the defender. This is being done by assessing “hard shoulders and soft shoulders” of the shield or defender.

The coach can now replicate multiple contested tackle-areas that promote the use of correct practice technique and low-body positioning during game-time. The DC100 is a lightweight shield, ideal to be used from senior to junior through to mini rugby sides. It is ideal to teach correct practice technique and contact conditioning for players of all grades and age groups.

Features + Benefits: Foam products are often used for player safety, particularly in high contact situations.

Materials: PVC with standard branding. All our products, including the foam inner are made to standard spec for the relevant sporting code(s).

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