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The ease of handling, extreme portability and thick foam density make this design suitable for all levels.

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Weight 7-14.56 kg
Dimensions 58-71 × 34-41 × 15-20 cm
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Manufactured On Order (MOO) > *See Customer Service Page for More Details

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1x Unit [Min]

Contact Shield Size

Junior: 58cm (H), Senior: 71cm (H)


Canvas Colour

As Per Standard Colours/ Design


Rugby Curved Target Shield (Pad):

  • Multiple handling options to suit all contact carry positions and preference
  • Heavy duty webbing and PVC covers with solid foam inner to absorb maximum impact
  • Fast recovery foam, absorbs every impact for consistent performance
  • Handles on the dirt resistant PVC cover.

Rugby Contact Shields (Hitting/ Driving Shields) comprise of quality PVC and foam materials. These high density foam products provide ideal protection for players in contact situations and are designed for easy use during training/ practice sessions. Rugby contact shields provide player protection for contact sports such as rugby during rucking & mauling (hitting & driving) practice.

Rucking and mauling is an essential part of any rugby match and can be an offensive or defensive action. Therefore, it is critical players learn the correct techniques of offensive and defensive rucking and mauling in order to optimize their game and more importantly, ensuring safer methods when driving in a ruck or maul situation. Rucking and mauling machines, along with other rugby equipment (products) such as contact/ hitting shields provide the ideal foundation for a rugby player to develop the necessary skills to enter a ruck or maul situation in a safer and more effective manner. Rugby contact/ hitting (or driving) shields are also ideal for other contact sports that require similar practices.

Features + Benefits: Foam products are often used for player safety, particularly in high contact situations.

Materials: PVC with standard branding or custom branded print options. All our products, including the foam inner are made to standard spec for the relevant sporting code(s).

Lead Times: See the ‘Additional Info’ tab for lead times and other technical details related to this product. Lead times are only applicable on receipt of the required deposit (or full payment) and/or as per approved artwork, when applicable.

Shop By Location: To shop by location, find the dispatch outlet(s) on this product page – *See ‘Additional Info’ tab on this page. Or filter by location, as per the attributes found in the relevant category page column(s).


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