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Canterbury Thrillseeker Training Rugby Ball | 2 Ply – Size 4

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Fast, powerful, and aggressive. The Canterbury Thrillseeker Rugby Ball is the apex predator of all balls. Designed to give you the edge over the opposition, this rugby ball is the perfect ball for any skill level, from rink side to scrum half. The unique shape and internal support structure deliver game changing speed and power with every run or scrute.

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Weight2.19 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 10 cm
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Size 4, Size 5





As Per Availability, Black, Turquoise, Yellow


  • Sizes: 4 – *As per availability
  • Colours: Black/ Turquoise/ Yellow – *As per availability
  • Features: Ideal ball for clubs & schools rugby
  • Quality all purpose rugby ball
  • Premium Rubber Rugby Ball
  • Ultra Durable
  • Sleek Design
  • Unique Water Repellant Technology
  • Traditional Composite Core
  • Suitable for recreational, practice/ training or matches
  • Ideal for club & school rugby teams

Prepare to take your training game to the next level with this Canterbury Thrillseeker Rugby Ball, size 4. This ball is for players who want a high performance synthetic rubber rugby ball with a vibrant look. Rail on this rugby ball with a Latex bladder and 2 ply polyester-cotton laminate studs for maximum power and durability, along with a latex core that helps greatly reduce any chance of flat spots or ‘whiplash’. This ball offers a comfortable, yet aggressive bounce. Perfect for those who want to play with all the confidence .

Canterbury Thrillseeker Rugby Ball is a regulation size ball that has been specifically designed for the modern athlete. This rugby ball has been molded in a way that prevents twist, flex, and bounce allowing it to retain its shape and bounce higher than many other balls on the market today. The Canterbury  Rugby Ball is a must have for any player. This rugby ball has a robust construction and has been built with grip, bite and tack to give you an edge on the pitch.


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