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Canterbury Acelar Rugby Match Ball | Size 4

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Canterbury Acelar Rugby Match Ball is a tough, durable ball for training and games. Designed to mimic the natural feel of the game, our match rugby ball is made from 3x specialized rubber blends featuring a nitrile bladder that helps prevent fumbles. The unique design also helps project your voice in order to be heard by players on both sides of the pitch.

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Weight2.19 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 10 cm
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Size 4





As Per Availability, Black, Blue, White


  • Size: 4 – *As per availability
  • Features: Ideal ball for clubs & school rugby
  • Quality all purpose rugby ball
  • High Quality Construction
  • 3x Specialised Rubber Blends
  • Designed to Simulate Natural Feel
  • Versatile Grip
  • Prevent Fumbles
  • Nitrile Bladder
  • Strong and Durable Design
  • Suitable for recreational, practice/ training or matches
  • Ideal for club & school rugby teams

Canterbury Acelar Rugby Match Ball is designed to simulate the natural feel of a rugby ball. The rubber blends incorporate the features and characteristics of a traditional rugby ball, helping you to reduce injury and increase skill. With its three specialized rubber blends, it will create a durable soft feel in your hands. This versatile design helps prevent fumbles, through a strong grip from the rubber bladder and additionally from the unique interior of its cover which allows for firm percussion during impact giving off a sound when a player makes contact with it.

The Acelar Rugby match ball is made with a durable, tough material that is perfect for driving and kicking. This rugby ball can deliver robust hits on the football field and is ideal for training sessions or for improving as a top quality rugby ball. The unique rubber blends ensure excellent grip, control, and durability. Canterbury Acelar rugby ball is the perfect choice for your next training session. Its a must have for all sports players who prefer to have a solid ball with a durable feel, making it perfect for both competitive and recreational use.


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