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Summit Advance Netball Ball | Size 5

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Treat yourself to the latest Summit Advance netball ball and be one with the game. Summit Advance 5 is a training quality ball that is the best for any court type and tough. The highly durable EVO pimple pattern makes this ball long lasting, yet lightweight. This ball is best suited for use in indoor training environments as well as outdoor flat play. The new Evo pimple pattern and long lasting rubber make this one of the best training netball available at any time.

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Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 8 cm
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1x Unit [Min]

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Size 5




As Per Availability, Black, Pink, Purple, White


  • Size: 5 – *As per availability on order
  • Colour: As per availability on order
  • Synthetic Outer
  • Incredible Durability
  • Soft Rubber Inner
  • Perfect Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Evo pimple pattern to replicate match ball feel
  • Long lasting rubber so your training balls last longer
  • 4 Ply, poly cotton backing
  • Endorsed by Liz Ellis
  • Dimpled surface for optimum grip & ball handling
  • Suitable for practice/ training sessions & amateur matches
  • Popular with individuals, schools, universities & clubs

Designed for intensive training and back of court play, Summit Advance Netball is the best netball ball available. The rubber is long lasting and tough, making it ideal for all court types. Intensive 18 panel durable rubber construction makes this ball tough enough to withstand the rigors of competitive sports. A 4-ply poly cotton backing ensures the extended life of the netball. This product has been endorsed by Liz Ellis.

This Summit Advance netball is the best training netball available. It has a soft rubber inner layer ensuring incredible durability and its strength-to-weight ratio is significantly higher than other brands in this price range. Its resilient pimple pattern also means that it can be used indoors and outdoors without damage to both fabric and ball, making this netball excellent value for money. The Advance Netball is perfect for the player looking for a larger, more durable training ball that is lighter weight and long-lasting. The long pimpled design provides excellent traction and performs well in both indoor and outdoor courts as well as in wet or dry conditions.

Netball Balls (Size 4 + 5): Normally available in match and practice versions – See all product details on ordering… There will normally be a price difference between a match ball and a practice ball, due to the materials used and the number of ply available for that particular product. Both netball match and practice balls are manufactured to industry standard. All netball balls are manufactured to provide optimum performance in various climatic conditions. The newer generation netball balls offer better grip for handling in wet and/or moist conditions. The new generation netball balls generally offer much better performance and allow for a more attractive style of netball, allowing for better grip, handling and slicker passing for a faster and more action packed games.

It is essential that the correct sizes have been chosen as per an individual’s and/or team’s age category. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and specifications as per your particular requirements.


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