IFS Rugby / Football / Soccer Goal Post Combo | Steel Frame / Galvanized + Net Options [Single Unit]


Product Summary

Steel Rugby/ Football/ Soccer Combination Post: Junior 8.5m high. Ground Fixing – 101mm & 63mm
Round Tube. Net & galvanizing options. Excludes installation – *Onsite welding will be required.

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Rugby/ Football/ Soccer Goal Post Combination – Steel:

  • Sold as 1x unit – Order 2x units for full field set
  • Football/ Soccer Goal Size: 7.32m x 2.44m/ 732cm x 244cm (W x H) – *Official full size goal
  • Rugby Post Size: 8.5m High (Junior size)
  • Fixed Rugby/ Football/ Soccer goal posts – Includes: Uprights; Cross bar; Back supports; Posts
  • 101mm & 63mm Round Tube
  • Material finish:
    • Option #1: White powder coated finish (Only)
    • Option #2: Galvanized steel with white powder coated finish
  • Net options available, as optional extra & at discounted pricing –
    • Standard Nets: Standard goal nets have a finer mesh/ weave
    • Super Nets: More durable goal nets with a thicker mesh/ weave
  • Excludes installation – *Onsite welding will be required

Rugby/ Football/ Soccer – Posts/ Poles/ Goals is a combination set of rugby posts and soccer goals offering you the best of both worlds where facilities are required for both sports at a reduced price.

Rugby Posts/ Poles demarcate the scoring area once a try has been scored or when a penalty has been awarded. The kicker needs to kick the ball in-between the uprights and over the cross bar to score the points on offer.

Football/ Soccer Posts are for the primary framework for the goalmouth and provides the structure to attach the back net. These goal posts are normally manufactured from PVC or steel (Portable) or steel (Fixed), but may come in alternative forms – See all product details on ordering. Football/ soccer is one of the most cost effective sports to play and the goal posts often make-up the biggest expense on many a football/ soccer field. This goes to show with the popularity of football/ soccer world wide, which is being played extensively in both first world and third world countries alike. Football/ soccer goal posts are usually ordered along with the goal nets – Add these products to your shopping cart accordingly. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and specifications as per your particular requirements.

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Additional information

Weight 141.50 kg
Dimensions 306-600 × 10-105 × 6-87 cm
Parcel Details

1x Rugby/ Soccer Combo (Rugby Posts): 1x Parcel @600 x 8 x 8cm/ Vol. Weight ~9.6kg, 1x Rugby/ Soccer Combo (Rugby Cross Bar): 1x Parcel @560 x 8 x 8cm/ Vol. Weight ~8.96kg, 1x Rugby/ Soccer Combo (Soccer Uprights): 1x Parcel [Pole @262 x 22 x 22cm]+[Head @66 x 105 x 44cm]/ Vol. Weight: ~107.94kg, 1x Rugby/ Soccer Combo (Soccer Cross Bar): 1x Parcel @600 x 10 x 10cm/ Vol. Weight ~15.0kg

Dispatch From (Outlet)

Supply Location/ ID

Lead Time for Dispatch

Product/ Service Type

Manufactured On Order (MOO) > *See Customer Service Page for More Details

#Qty Per Order

1x Combo Unit

Materials/ Finish

Steel with Powder Coating (Only), Galvanized Steel with Powder Coating

Product Options

No Net (EXCLUDE), Standard Net, Super/ Durable Net




As Per Availability, Black Net, Blue Net, Green Net, Orange Net, Red Net, White Net, Yellow Net

Dispatch/ Outlet Information

  • Factory/ Outlet Name: RSA-JHB-[DMS]
  • Warehouse/ Factory Outlet ID | Click Link >> RSA-JHB-[DMS]
  • Address: Johanessburg
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