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Goalie Padded Shorts: Top quality light-weight nylon padded shorts with wide front panel for inner quad padding. Energy absorbing foam panels for hip areas.

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1 - 9 R899.00
10+ R798.00


Known across the market for their durability and comfort. Being light in weight, is high demand.

  • Colours Available: Black
  • Sizing: Calculated on goalkeeper height (level) + hip/ waist circumference (size range) selection on ordering
  • Youth/ Adult sizing only – Includes adjustable waist strap
  • Top quality light-weight nylon shorts with wide front panel for inner quad padding
  • Energy absorbing foam panels for hip areas

Goalkeeper Padded Shorts protect a goalkeeper’s upper leg and crutch region from direct and/or indirect contact with hockey balls and other hockey equipment. Goalkeepers’ may feel vulnerable without such protection and it is essential all “vital organs” are protected. Goalkeepers, more often than not, also wear cricket boxes or groin/ pelvic protectors for additional protection. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and relevant specifications as per your particular requirements.


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