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Goalie Kickers: Allowing ease & quick movement forwards, backwards, when going down or getting up.

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1 - 9 R2,250.00
10+ R2,025.00


  • Goalie kickers (Set)
  • Colour Available: Orange
  • Sizing: Junior, Youth & Senior
  • Goalkeeper’s Height: 150-165cm (S); 157-173cm (M); 174+cm (L)
  • Ideal for goalie enthusiasts looking to get the best protection on the market

Goalkeeper Foot Protection – OBO (OGO) Kicker Set – Just because you are young or discovering how cool it is to be a goalie, doesn’t mean you need to play with rubbish – Light weight, comfortable, providing agility for movement and fun.

Goalkeeper Kickers provide full protection of the foot; it should cover both the toe and heel when viewed from the inside of the foot. Goalkeeper Kickers protect a goalkeeper’s feet when stopping and/or clearly a hockey ball from their goals. A Goalies’ feet are regularly used to stop and “kick-away” hockey balls from the goal area. Therefore, proper protection and padding is required to ensure all footwork is done in an effective and pain free manner. Goalkeeper kickers provide a fine balance in offering the best possible protection for a goalkeeper, as well as promoting mobility. A goalkeeper that feels safe and mobile, will feel confident to move in and around their goal area… And will feel confident enough to leave the safety of the net if they believe they can cover the necessary ground to execute an “offensive defense” in the form of a slide, body-block or clearance etc. It is essential that the correct sizes are fitted as per the respective age group and level of player experience to ensure the safety and mobility of a player. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and relevant specifications as per your particular requirements.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the relevant supervision is provided to individuals and/or teams requiring guidance; in order to guarantee health and safety at all times!


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