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Stormforce Hockey Stick: SFS / 195 Pro | Size: 36.5 + 37.5 Inch

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Top of the range stick 95% Carbon. Extreme low bow – bow position 225mm with maxi bow height of 25mm. *3 Month Replacement Guarantee.

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Weight0.95 kg
Dimensions95 × 8 × 5 cm
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1x Unit [Min]

Hockey Sizing

Hockey Stick: 36.5" (Inch)/ ~93cm, Hockey Stick: 37.5" (Inch)/ ~95cm




Colour Combinations

Black/ Green, Black/ Orange


Stormforce Composite Stick – SF-195 PRO: Top of the range stick 95% Carbon. Extreme low bow – bow position 225mm with maxi bow height of 25mm. Strengthened with extra matrix reinforcement on the back handle area for hard hits. Soft resin matrix feel on face. Light-weight and designed for power.

3 Month Replacement Guarantee Guideline: Stormforce offers a 3 month replacement guarantee on composite hockey sticks for any manufacturing defect purchased from a valid Stormforce retailer.


Graphics and Paint: As graphics and paint defects are not manufacturing defects affecting the playability of a hockey stick, no sticks will be replaced for graphics and paint defects.

Rattles and Noises: Most hockey sticks are hollow tubes.  Due to contact, a piece of material often chips off inside the stick, causing a rattle or noise. Rattles can be repaired by removing the end cap of the stick and shaking out any loose pieces of material. This will generally solve the problem. Only where power and playability of the stick is genuinely impaired and after a thorough assessment, the stick may be replaced.

Cracks: Where large cracks affect the power or playability of the stick, the stick will be assessed. Cracks caused by manufacturing defects will most likely be replaced. Cracks due to wear / tear or contact will most likely not be replaced.

Structural Damage and Sink Holes: Disintegration along the shaft, head or any part of a stick sometimes occurs. If the stick hasn’t been subjected to heavy wear/tear or abnormal impact damage, the stick will most likely be replaced.

Loss of Power: Loss of hitting power due to manufacturing could result in the replacement of a stick. This will depend on a assessment of the hockey stick. The information contained in this document does not constitute a product guarantee and is NOT legally binding on Stormforce and / or its retailers / representatives. The purpose of this guide is to assist Stormforce customers and retailers. The final decision to replace a hockey stick lies with Stormforce.

Hockey Stick requirements may differ depending on the position played, age category and level of experience of a hockey player.  Hockey sticks have a diverse selection of raw materials that can be used for production: from wood, carbon, Kevlar to Fiberglass etc… These materials are normally used in different combinations and will have an influence on a hockey stick’s strength, weight and potential performance. Choosing the right hockey stick will allow a hockey player to play in comfort and with confidence, having a major influence on a player’s performance. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and relevant specifications as per your particular requirements.


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