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Grip Hockey Stick GX-Core 10

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Have you ever used a stick that had a BIG impact on your game? We have… And we’re committed to keeping you on top every time you pick this stick up!

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Weight1.96 kg
Dimensions98 × 10 × 10 cm
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1x Unit [Min]

Hockey Sizing

Hockey Stick: 35″ (Inch)/ ~89cm, Hockey Stick: 36″ (Inch)/ ~91cm, Hockey Stick: 37.5" (Inch)/ ~95cm





As Per Standard Colours/ Design


The GX-Core PRO 10 is an elite player?

Stick built with a Maxi Head and grip design. Designed to maximize power and contact, our new Maxi Head combines with a comfort-centric countervail to create the perfect hybrid between grip and perfect fit. Balance your grip in all conditions with our new GX-Core series featuring 90% Carbon and 10% Kevlar construction, built to last and feel better every time you use it. This stick keeps your hand locked into place on the puck preventing vibrations from transferring onto you.


  • Composite Construction: 90% Carbon / 10% Kevlar
  • PRO Player Stick
  • Composite Construction
  • CORE Range
  • Premium Quality
  • Made in INDIA
  • Available Sizes: 35″/ 36″/ 37.5″ (Inch)

Hockey Stick requirements may differ depending on the position played, age category and level of experience of a hockey player.  Hockey sticks have a diverse selection of raw materials that can be used for production: from wood, carbon, Kevlar to Fiberglass etc… These materials are normally used in different combinations and will have an influence on a hockey stick’s strength, weight and potential performance. Choosing the right hockey stick will allow a hockey player to play in comfort and with confidence, having a major influence on a player’s performance. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and relevant specifications as per your particular requirements.


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