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High Jump Landing / Crash Mat | Ribbed Foam + PVC Cover – Various Options

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Quality landing mat constructed from hollow-core ribbed foam covered in airtight fitting PVC cover to support the crashing & landing of athletes.

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Additional information

Weight289-516 kg
Dimensions228-335 × 137 × 36.5-45 cm
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Supply Location/ ID (Vendor)

Lead Time for Dispatch

Product/ Service Type

Manufactured On Order (MOO) > *See Customer Service Page for More Details

#Qty Per Order

1x Unit [Min]

Mat Size

Junior High Jump: 228cm (L) x 137cm (W) x 36.5cm (H), Senior High Jump: 228cm (L) x 137cm (W) x 40.5cm (H), Large High Jump (Std.): 228cm (L) x 137cm (W) x 45cm (H), Jumbo High Jump (Std.): 335cm (L) x 137cm (W) x 45cm (H)


Canvas Colour

Black/ Std. Processed Black, Blue (Navy)/ Pantone 653, Blue (Sky)/ Pantone 641, Green (Dark/ Bottle)/ Pantone 567, Green (Lime)/ Pantone 376, Maroon/ Pantone 491, Orange/ Pantone 1665, Red/ Pantone 200, White/ Std. Processed White, Yellow/ Pantone 116

Print Options

No Print/ Plain


  • Junior Mat: 228 x 137 x 36.5cm/ 2280 x 1370 x 365mm [L x  W x H]
  • Senior Mat: 228 x 137 x 40.5cm/ 2280 x 1370 x 405mm [L x  W x H]
  • Large Mat: 228 x 137 x 45cm/ 2280 x 1370 x 450mm [L x  W x H]
  • Jumbo Mat: 335 x 137 x 45cm/ 3350 x 1370 x 450mm [L x  W x H]
  • PVC Cover: Various standard PVC colours available for selection
  • Two-tone colour option available using two different PVC material colours – *If required, specify in ‘Design Details/ Comments’ on ordering
  • Branding: Plain/ No custom branding for this product
  • Suitable for high jump and most gymnastics exercises – Made to standard high jump specs
  • Maximum Fall Height: +-3m, depending on size and weight of athlete – For greater fall heights or specialized use, such as a climbing wall landing mats; Seek custom made options for the required specifications – Find customized options on our website for quotation

Landing/ Crash Mats used for sports like gymnastics, high jump or pole vault etc. are similar in make-up, but predominantly vary in shape and size. Although, these landing (crash) mats may have a few differences, they are all quality manufactured medium to high density foam products with heavy duty PVC covering. Each unit is manufactured to industry standard to ensure the best quality for you. Certain landing mats may have strategically placed Velcro sections or built-in handles, which have been included to optimize the product’s performance and functionality – For optional detail, see our product options and select your relevant preferences as per your requirements, on ordering.

Features + Benefits: Foam products are often used for comfort and safety, particularly on harder surfaces.

Materials: PVC material (covers) are available, as plain items (no print). All our products, including the foam inner are made to standard spec for the relevant sporting code(s).

Lead Times: See the ‘Additional Info’ tab for lead times and other technical details related to this product. Lead times are only applicable on receipt of the required deposit (or full payment) and/or as per approved artwork, when applicable.

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