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*SUBMIT FOR QUOTE: Custom Designed Post / Pole Protectors With Branding Options [Complete Unit/ Covers/ Foam]

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SUBMIT THIS FORM FOR QUOTE ON REQUEST [QOR]: Complete & process online (quote/ order) for a quotation, as per your specifications. Custom manufactured pole protectors for sporting disciplines or multi-purpose areas & courts, where custom pole dimensions may have been used.

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Product/ Service Type

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#Qty Per Order

1x Unit [Min]

Post Protector Size

150cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D), 150cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D), 150cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 25cm (D), 150cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (D), 150cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 35cm (D), 150cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D), 180cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D), 180cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D), 180cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 25cm (D), 180cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (D), 180cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 35cm (D), 180cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D), 200cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D), 200cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D), 200cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 25cm (D), 200cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (D), 200cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 35cm (D), 200cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D), 300cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D), 300cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D), 300cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 25cm (D), 300cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (D), 300cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 35cm (D), 300cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D)


Round Pole: 10cm x 10cm/ 100mm x 100mm (W x D), Round Pole: 5cm x 5cm/ 50mm x 50mm (W x D), Round Pole: 7.5cm x 7.5cm/ 75mm x 75mm (W x D), Round Pole: 7.6cm x 7.6cm/ 76mm x 76mm (W x D), Square Pole: 5cm x 5cm/ 50mm x 50mm (W x D), Square Pole: 7.5cm x 7.5cm/ 75mm x 75mm (W x D), Square Pole: 7.6cm x 7.6cm/ 76mm x 76mm (W x D), Square Pole: 10cm x 10cm/ 100mm x 100mm (W x D), Other: Specify in Design Details/ Comments


Both Indoors + Outdoors – As Required, Permanently Indoors, Permanently Outdoors, Predominantly Outdoor – Stored when not in Use

Product Type

Complete Post/ Pole Protector (Cover + Foam), Cover ONLY, Foam ONLY

Materials/ Finish

PVC Tarpaulin Cover, Canvatec Cover, Foam (Only), Other (Specify in Comments)

Canvas Colour

Black/ Std. Processed Black, Blue (Navy)/ Pantone 653, Blue (Sky)/ Pantone 641, Green (Dark/ Bottle)/ Pantone 567, Green (Lime)/ Pantone 376, Maroon/ Pantone 491, Orange/ Pantone 1665, Red/ Pantone 200, White/ Std. Processed White, Yellow/ Pantone 116, Other/ Custom Colour (As per Design Details)


Print Options

N/A, No Print/ Plain, 1 Colour (8x Prints/ Set), 1 Colour (16x Prints/ Set), 2 Colour (8x Prints/ Set), 2 Colour (16x Prints/ Set), Digital Print: Full Colour

Water Proofing (Optional)

No, Yes


PVC / Canvatec Covered Post Protectors: Multi-purpose Arena & Courts

  • *See Basketball, Netball, Rugby  & other sporting code category for standard manufacture options
  • Product Type (options): Select on quote request –
    1. Complete Post/ Pole Protector (Cover + Foam)
    2. Cover ONLY
    3. Foam ONLY
  • Custom designed pole protectors outside our standard product offering – Quote on request only
  • Suitable for sporting disciplines or multi-purpose areas & courts, where custom pole dimensions may have been used
  • Product Type/ Model: Rectangular shape
  • Sizes: Various – See options on ordering
  • Foam: Quality foam inner for strength & durability, as per required foam density
  • PVC Material: Plain PVC materials available in various standard PVC colours
  • Canvatec Material: High quality material, includes full colour digital print – *See features & benefits
  • Print Options: One, Two or Full colour digital print, as per pantone colour code specifications – *See features & benefits below
  • Logo/ Artwork Upload: .pdf, .zip, .rar are accepted file formats – For multiple files, ZIP folder for upload – *See further details below
  • Waterproofing available as an optional extra – *PVC Inner-lining protects foam from water damage in wet conditions
    • Waterproofing Excluded: No PVC sleeve down the inside cavity of the post protector – Therefore, foam is exposed and makes contact with the rugby post/ pole(s)
    • Waterproofing Included: PVC sleeve lines the inside cavity of the post protector – Foam enclosed (sealed) for better protection against moisture & rain (water running down pole) – *There may be some seepage along stitching in very wet conditions, but the waterproofing help protect & promote longevity of the foam
  • Ideal advertising opportunity – Multiple sponsorship logo placements possible with various configurations

Features + Benefits of CANVATEC220 Material –

  • The highest print quality on the market with limitless colour options and special effects such as faded effects etc. – Perfect of high end corporate branding where you need to made a real statement!
  • Bio degradable materials
  • Eco friendly inks solvent free
  • Scratch resistance
  • Colours are more vibrate – Photo graphic images can be printed
  • Water resistance
  • Washable
  • Glare free
  • Temperature balanced, does not retain heat in the sun like PVC tarpaulins
  • Unlimited colour pallet choice
  • You can’t feel the print as it forms part of the material
  • Available in various colours
  • Ideal for advertising opportunities
  • Branding available for this product with various print options – For printing, supply logo(s) in high res vector format (.pdf pref.)/ Provide pantone colour code(s) for colour matching/ Confirm font file names for special fonts, if required

Post (Pole) Protectors provide the necessary protection of players during training sessions and/or matches. PVC or Canvatec covered foam products wrap around the posts (poles) to ensure player safety during a game of sport. It is vital that the correct post protectors are used for the relevant age categories to ensure optimal safety measures at all times. Therefore, the correct heights, unit width and foam density should be as per the specification for the player’s age group (Junior, Youth, Senior, Professional – Incorrect use of these post protectors (as per the relevant age categories), may jeopardize player safety.

Product Features + Benefits: Foam products are often used for player safety, particularly where steel or other solid components can be found on or around the sports field. Customized print options provide for an ideal advertising opportunity for associated brands. Many of the foam covered products can offer co-branding opportunities for schools, universities, clubs and sponsors.

Materials: Plain PVC or Canvatec materials (covers) available with various print options. All our products, including the foam inner are made to standard spec for the relevant sporting code(s). Waterproofing may be offered as an optional extra on certain products (*Selection options provided for online quotations/ ordering, when applicable).

Branding/ Advertising (*Optional): All products come unbranded, as standard. However, the relevant branding options will be provided online for your selection and/or comment. For this product option, plain PVC tarpaulin is the more cost effective material (No print option) –  Canvatec material offers a higher quality finish with a number of benefits over the PVC alternative. Canvatec is normally a little more expensive than PVC options, but regularly surpass our client’s expectations with it’s highly professional finish. Please check and ensure you are selecting a product with the material and branding that best suits your needs. PVC or Canvatec product options can usually be found in the relevant category. For budget options, often PVC will be your best bet, whereas Canvatec will give you a better quality finish. However, this may not always be the case and Canvatec may at times offer you a better finish at a better price.

Pantone Colour Codes + Fonts: When processing quotes or orders online, please provide all your brand/ logo pantone colour codes. These are colour codes that are required to ensure we can accurately match your brand colour(s) on print. If you use a specific (special) font for your logo or within your branding, please indicate the font name or provide the font file(s)  – *If you are unfamiliar with your pantone colour codes and/or your font file/name specifications, please request these from you design or marketing team.

Artwork: Applicable to custom branded or custom made orders only – All logos are to be provided in high resolution (high res) vector format (i.e. Vector format saved to .pdf). Vector file formats are scalable and allow us to accurately enhance your logo(s) for enlarged prints. Files formats such .jpg or .png etc. are compressed image formats that are not scalable and become pixelated, if enlarged – Thus, are not suitable for enlarged print jobs – *If you are unfamiliar with vector file formats, please request these from you design or marketing team. Once we have received all the required information, our design team will draft a digital mockup (sample) of what your design will look like on the relevant product(s) – This will be sent to you for your signed approval prior to production of customized orders.

Design Details/ Comments Section (Additional Information): Include all required design details, including basic layout description and pantone colour codes, when applicable. You can also include any additional information that you may require for your quote/order.

Lead Times: See the ‘Additional Info’ tab for lead times and other technical details related to this product. Lead times are only applicable on receipt of the required deposit (or full payment) and/or as per approved artwork, when applicable.

Shop By Location: ‘Shop by outlet’ (See main menu) & also find the dispatch outlet(s) on this product page – *See ‘Additional Info’ tab on this page. Or filter by location, as per the attributes found in the relevant category page column(s).

4 reviews for *SUBMIT FOR QUOTE: Custom Designed Post / Pole Protectors With Branding Options [Complete Unit/ Covers/ Foam]

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