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Flexible Cricket Stumps: Rubber Base + 3 Stumps + 2 Bails | Stromforce

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High impact, flexible cricket stump set.

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Weight 16.88 kg
Dimensions 150 × 30 × 15 cm
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As Per Standard Colours/ Design, Blue


  • A set of three flexible moulded plastic stumps, a heavy duty rubber base and two bails
  • High impact plastic stumps are made to handle high intensity training sessions
  • The rubber base provides stability and a spring-back mechanism for the stumps
  • Ideal for training session, fielding practice or indoor cricket

Cricket Stumps (Wickets) can be manufactured from various materials, but these forms usually depend on the nature of cricket being played. For official cricket matches, wooden stumps are normally used with wooden bails, but younger age groups may make use of other cricket stump types. Cricket stumps used for net practice and fielding practice may vary from the wooden stumps to steel/ metal  wickets or a variety of moulded plastic forms, which may also come in spring-loaded formats.  Action cricket stumps are normally plastic spring-loaded units and allow for quick and easy resetting during an action-packed game of indoor cricket.


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