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CSW First Aid Kit Bag | Advanced/ Pro Kit @228x Items / Soft Red Case [2012]

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Advanced/ Professional First Aid Kit | Case Dimension: 30cm x 18cm x 6cm (L x W x H) | Bag/ Case Type: Soft | Contents: Bandages; PBT Bandages; Dressings; Emergency Blanket; Ice Pack; Mouth To Mouth Mask; Plasters; Tape; Gauze Pad; Safety Gloves; Safety Pin; Scissors; Tweezers; Wipes; Wound Pads | TYPE OF ITEMS: 41x | TOTAL ITEMS: 228x

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Weight1.08 kg
Dimensions30 × 18 × 8 cm
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#Qty Per Order

1x Set


Black, Red, White




  • Type: Advanced/ Professional First Aid Kit
  • Case Dimension: 30cm x 18cm x 6cm (L x W x H)
  • Bag/ Case Type: Soft
  • Supplies: Items listed may vary slightly as per standard kits for the season
  • Contents & Quantities:
    • Crepe Bandage: 2x
    • Cotton Elastic Bandage: 1x
    • PBT Conforming Bandage 5.5cm: 1x
    • PBT Conforming Bandage 7.5cm: 1x
    • PBT Conforming Bandage 10cm: 1x
    • First Aid Conforming Bandage: 1x
    • Gauze Triangle Bandage: 1x
    • Non-Woven Triangle Bandage: 1x
    • Burn Dressing: 1x
    • Wound Dressing: 1x
    • Ice Pack: 7x
    • Cotton Applicators: 20x
    • Non-Adherent Dressings: 5x
    • Non-Woven Dressing Bandage: 4x
    • Gauze 5cm: 4x
    • Gauze 7.5cm: 4x
    • Non-Woven Pad: 2x
    • Eye Pad: 2x
    • Non-Woven Long Dressing: 10x
    • Alcohol Pad: 10x
    • Fresh Survived Water: 1x
    • BZK Pad: 10x
    • Antiseptic Cleaning Wipe: 10x
    • Soap Wipe: 6x
    • Lens Cleansing Wipes: 4x
    • Anti-Mosquito Towelette: 4x
    • Sun Cream: 2x
    • Burn Cream: 2x
    • Scissors: 1x
    • Tweezers: 1x
    • Safety Gloves: 2x
    • Safety Pin: 1x
    • Emergency Blanket: 1x
    • Skin PE Bandage: 100x
    • Moth-t0-Mouth Mask: 1x
    • First Aid Hand Book: 1x
    • Non-Woven Tape: 1x
    • Non-Woven Pad: 1x
    • Cotton Tape: 1x
    • Multipurpose Knife: 1x
    • Cooling Patch: 1x
    • 600D Material Bag: 1x
    • TYPE OF ITEMS: 41x
    • TOTAL ITEMS: 228x


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