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Grip Javelin Aero | IAAF PRO Approved – Options: 400g/ 500g/ 600g

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Size/ Weight Options: 400g, 500g, 600g – Highly effective javelin designed for both competition and practice. This javelin is highly responsive to any mechanical flaws in the user’s throw, allowing beginners to identify their mistakes in real-time mid-flight. Additionally, the lightweight design enables more training throws before the arms become tired, making it an excellent choice for extended practice sessions.

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Weight1.38 kg
Dimensions220 × 5 × 5 cm
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1x Unit [Min]

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400g (0.4kg), 500g (0.5kg), 600g (0.6kg)




As Per Availability, Orange, Violet, Yellow


Aero Javelin:

  • Size/ Weight Options: 400g (Normally: Orange); 500g (Normally: Yellow); 600g (Normally: Violet/ Purple) – *As Per Availability
  • Colours: As per weight specification – *As per availability & may be subject to change
  • The lightweight design for improved maneuverability and responsiveness to mechanical flaws during throws
  • Allows for more training throws before fatigue sets in, making it suitable for extended practice sessions
  • Official javelin for the United States Track and Field Federation for boys and girls aged 11 to 12, making it a suitable tool for youth competitions
  • Advanced composite shaft provides the perfect balance for accurate throws
  • Rubber grip enhances comfort and control during use
  • Highly durable construction that won’t break or deform upon landing, making it suitable for institutional use
  • Length of 72″ (~182.88cm), making it a reliable and high-performance javelin for both novice and experienced throwers
  • Due to the nature of this sport, there is no warranty on this particular product

Javelin are available in a variety of forms for training (usually Aluminum) or competition purposes – They primarily differ in the materials used to manufacture these products. These products also come in various weights to cater to the different age categories, as well as, level of skill and experience. Both the training and competition javelin are designed and manufactured to be well balanced; providing comfort and performance on approach (holding), release and in flight. All javelin have been manufactured to industry standard – They will provide optimal performance when used in the correct circumstances and with the proper technique. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and weight specifications as per your particular requirements.


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