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Everest’s Crown IAAF Competition Javelin | Various Weights

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Size/ Weight Options: 500g, 600g, 700g, 800g. IAAF Approved Javelin – Perfect for competition level. Ideal for the more serious athlete looking for high perform.

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Weight2.82 kg
Dimensions220 × 8 × 8 cm
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IAAF Competition Javelin: Elevate your throwing game to new heights with the Everest’s Crown IAAF Competition Javelin, available in various weights to suit athletes of all levels. Engineered to meet International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) standards, this javelin is meticulously crafted for exceptional performance and precision in competitive track and field events. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete aiming for podium finishes or a budding contender honing your skills, the Everest’s Crown javelin delivers unparalleled quality, reliability, and aerodynamic design.

  • Size/ Weight Options: 500g; 600g; 700g; 800g – *As Per Availability
  • Colour: As per weight specification & availability
  • IAAF Approved Javelin
  • Perfect for competition level
  • Ideal for the more serious athlete looking for high perform
  • Suitable for school, university & club athletics
  • Due to the nature of this sport, there is no warranty on this particular product


  1. IAAF Certified: The Everest’s Crown javelin meets the stringent standards set by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), ensuring compliance with competition regulations and eligibility for official events.
  2. Premium Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, including aerospace-grade and durable synthetic materials, this javelin combines strength, durability, and lightweight performance for optimal throwing dynamics.
  3. Precision Engineering: Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Everest’s Crown javelin features a balanced weight distribution, aerodynamic profile, and optimal grip texture, allowing athletes to achieve maximum distance and accuracy with each throw.
  4. Various Weights Available: Choose from a range of weights to suit individual preferences and competitive requirements, allowing athletes to customize their throwing experience for optimal performance.
  5. Enhanced Visibility: Vibrant colors and distinct markings ensure high visibility on the field, facilitating easy tracking and retrieval during training sessions and competitions.


  1. Superior Performance: Engineered for exceptional performance, the Everest’s Crown javelin enables athletes to achieve their full potential in competitive track and field events.
  2. Reliable Quality: Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision, this javelin offers consistent performance and reliability, instilling confidence in athletes during training and competition.
  3. Versatile Use: Suitable for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite competitors, the Everest’s Crown javelin is versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of track and field enthusiasts.
  4. Customizable Weight Options: With various weight options available, athletes can tailor their javelin selection to match their strength, technique, and competitive goals, optimizing their throwing performance.
  5. Official Compliance: By meeting IAAF certification standards, the Everest’s Crown javelin ensures athletes’ eligibility for official competitions and championships, providing a pathway to success on the international stage.

Javelin are available in a variety of forms for training (usually Aluminum) or competition purposes – They primarily differ in the materials used to manufacture these products. These products also come in various weights to cater to the different age categories, as well as, level of skill and experience. Both the training and competition javelin are designed and manufactured to be well balanced; providing comfort and performance on approach (holding), release and in flight. All javelin have been manufactured to industry standard – They will provide optimal performance when used in the correct circumstances and with the proper technique. On ordering, please ensure you select the correct product and weight specifications as per your particular requirements.

Invest in excellence with the Everest’s Crown IAAF Competition Javelin and take your throwing game to the next level. Visit Sports Dynamix for premium track and field equipment and unlock your full potential on the field.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love my new javelin! Steady and allow beginner mistakes.

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