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SNS Cricket Bowling Machine Ball | Options: Entry / Soft / Pro [Set of 12]

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SNS Cricket Bowling Machine Ball – Available in Entry, Soft & Pro Options – Dimple or smooth surface pattern. Sold in sets of 12x units.

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Weight3.6 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 12 cm
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Ball Type

Bowling Machine Ball Entry, Bowling Machine Ball Soft, Bowling Machine Ball Pro

#Qty Per Order

12x Units (Per Set)




As Per Availability, Yellow


Cricket Ball Bowling Machine / Batting Practice Ball:

  • Set: 12x Units
  • Type: Dimple or Smooth Surface Patterns – Available Options…
    1. Bowling Machine Ball Entry (Harder / Smooth Ball)
    2. Bowling Machine Ball Soft (Softer Ball)
    3. Bowling Machine Ball Pro (Harder / Dimple Ball)
  • Material: Poly Harder or Softer Cricket Bowling Machine Ball – *As per your preference
  • Colour: Yellow – *Subject to availability
  • Function: Bowling Machine / Batting Practice Cricket Ball
  • Benefits: Specifically designed to fit into cricket bowling machines for batting training sessions
  • Beginners to advanced level
  • Ideal for individuals or teams
  • Often used at cricket training clinics, schools, clubs, universities & more

Cricket Balls come in various sizes/ weights (113g, 135g, 156g) and depending on the particular function, can be manufactured from a variety of materials – Cricket match balls (for competent juniors/ youth/ senior) are manufactured from leather hide with a prominent raised seam and can come in various colours depending on the type of cricket match being played. Day games are most often played with a red ball, whereas a day/ night match is played with a white ball (currently). Match balls are purchased in either four (4) or two (2) piece formats – Often four-piece cricket balls are favoured over two-piece cricket balls for cricket matches.

Practice cricket balls come in a variety on forms, either with or without a seam, and in leather or hard rubbers or PVC or slaz (slaz balls) depending on their primary function – Practice balls for bowling are very similar to the match balls, but a more cost effective version. However, practice balls used for a cricket-bowling machine, are normally a rubber version without a seam. It is essential the correct ball type (use cricket balls only) and size/ weight is used for cricket practices and matches (as per age category), as the incorrect ball type may not only be dangerous, but could also cause irreparable damage to expensive cricket equipment such as cricket bats.


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