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Steel Material Pros & Cons: Aluminum Vs. Raw Steal Vs. Galvanized Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

Lets' compare steel options from (i) Raw steel with powder coating; (ii) Galvanized steel with powder coating; (iii) Stainless steel - Steel related equipment and products are available for various sporting codes, including: Athletics Basketball Cricket Gymnastics Handball Hockey Netball Rugby Soccer Swimming Tennis Water Polo +More Advanced Product Search [...]

Comparing Low, Medium & High-Density Foams Used in the South African Sporting Industry

At Sports Dynamix, our factory outlets boast decades of experience, pioneering and continuing to lead the way in the manufacture of quality foam products and equipment. Foam types and densities are carefully selected for specific uses within each product or piece of equipment. We adhere to international safety measures and manufacture according [...]

Safeguarding the Game of Rugby: Exploring the Benefits of Rugby Post Protectors

In the dynamic world of rugby, safety stands as a paramount concern. With every match, players engage in intense physical encounters, making it crucial to prioritize player protection and injury prevention measures. Enter rugby post protectors, the unsung heroes of the rugby field, offering a shield against potential hazards and enhancing the overall [...]

7x Foam Types Used in the South African Sporting Industry [Summary]

There are various foam types that are used individually or in combination for best results across the various sporting codes, including: Athletics Baseball/ Softball Basketball Cricket Cycling/ Mountain Biking (MTB) Dancing & Gymnastics Football/ Soccer Fight Sports: Boxing/ Kick Boxing/ Karate/ Judo/ MMA/ Muay Thai/ Wrestling/+More Gym/ Health/ Fitness Handball Hockey Kids [...]

7x Print Technologies Used in the South African Sporting Industry: Pros, Cons, Features & Benefits [Summary]

In the South African sporting industry, various print technologies are employed for a wide range of applications, including branding, advertising, merchandise, and informational purposes.  These printing solutions are utilized by almost every sporting discipline, including: Athletics Baseball/ Softball Basketball Cricket Cycling/ Mountain Biking (MTB) Dancing & Gymnastics Football/ Soccer Fight Sports: Boxing/ [...]

Rugby Headgear/ Scrum Caps – Solid Panel Vs. Sublimation Print Design

Learn the difference between a solid panel vs. sublimation print design for rugby headgear (scrum caps)... This rugby headgear/ scrum cap is approved by World Rugby (Previously the IRB - International Rugby Board) Only as per available/ standard solid colour materials Limited colours only - Available colour selections for online [...]

Canvatec Vs. PVC Material – Pros & Cons

Learn the Pros & Cons of Canvatec Vs. PVC Tarpaulin materials. Used for various sporting products & offers numerous branding/ print options... Highly quality finish - Has become the preferred material for many professional teams Biodegradable materials Eco friendly & inks solvent free Scratch resistance Digital Print: Unlimited colour pallet [...]

Mountain Biking (MTB) South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 794 3443 Email: Website: Wanting to go mountain biking, but don’t know where to start? How to start? Perhaps you’re not comfortable going alone into unknown spaces? If you would like to spend a few hours, a whole day, or even a few days cycling off-road in our [...]

The Giving Back Concept: Innovative Cricket Boundary Wedge That Will Boost Your Brand & Revenue!

Patent:  CIPC WW Prov. Pat. No. 2015/01047 Invented & Designed By: Wikus van Rensburg Co-Manufactured By: ZWAANZ/ Sports Dynamix The Giving Back Concept: An innovative digital cricket boundary wedge design that will give you unique stadium and television marketability, as well as generate revenue through its clever technology initiatives. We first had the [...]

Who is Sean Conway?

Personality: Sean Conway Known As: Endurance Adventurer Website: For those of you who don’t know him, we’ll give you a quick introduction as we will be closely following all his adventures. I have known Sean for a good few years and it all started at a little school in the KwaZulu-Natal [...]

Fitness26: Losing Weight – All about Workouts & Diets

Author: Letitia Kleynhans | Instructor Company: Fitness26 Website: Weight loss is the term that has been the catch phrase for a decade and will still rule the trend for several years to come. Such is the craze to lose weight... Losing weight is not magic, but you should know [...]

Fitness26: The Perfect Leg Exercises

Author: Letitia Kleynhans | Instructor Company: Fitness26 Website: If you’re dreaming about wearing shorts and summer skirts when summer arrives, but you are not fully satisfied with the appearance of your legs, I welcome you to try some very simple exercises that that are going to help [...]


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